Afar Textiles
luggage & accessories
  • What makes Afar products unique is that special touch given we give by using unusual and interesting processes.  There is nothing like textile to stimulate creative processing to make goods softer, harder, suppler, springy, sturdy, resistant, you name it.

    We use the best quality raw materials for each product. We use combed yarns because they are more resistant and at the same time softer because they are made with the best and longer cotton fibers.

    We enzyme wash the fabrics in order to ensure a cleaner, smoother look. We coat many of our fabrics to protect them from dirt, water and oils. We process the fabrics with a combination of steam and mechanical softening action to make the products softer and to open the fibers after coloring them.

    Each detail is important to us to ensure the products are unique and remain elegant and comfortable for a life time.