Afar Textiles
luggage & accessories
  • Africa has an incredible variety of colors, a kaleidoscopic of natural tones that imbibe products with elegance and grace. We use pigments extracted directly from natural materials to reproduce the shades seen in the environments around us. For Afar bags we chose soil colors because they are very resistant; many of the frescos painted more than 5 centuries ago are still so full of light and life because they were made using colors obtained from soil.

    These natural pigments are extracted by reducing soil and stones to a fine talk and then combined with special mordantes. The fabric is then dipped into these pigments.
    Most of the soils give shades of light brown, the color of earth. They vary in their amount of reds, yellows; ochre’s and grays the soils render on the material. Each unique shade is elegant and a celebration of nature.