Afar Textiles
luggage & accessories
  • Ethiopia is home to the Zebu cow, the ancestor of all bovines. The Zebus still live outdoors and work for their entire lives, being fed on grass and other kinds of hay. Zebus are used to plow the land with rudimentary wooden plows and tow carts. They are not treated with antibiotics, hormones or any other chemical.

    Zebu leather is similar to a wild animal’s skin; it carries the memory of acacia thorns, insect bites, encounters with predators and all the work done for farmers.

    Most importantly, the leather is a by-product. The Zebu cows are not raised for their skin or meat, but are working animals that live out their lives roaming the beautiful Ethiopian landscapes. Their skin carries with it the beauty of living organically in nature. Afar leather is also vegetable tanned to preserve all its natural appeal.