Afar Textiles
luggage & accessories
  • All Afar’s horn accessories come from the Ethiopian Zebu cows. These fantastic animals, with their huge humps on their backs, are raised all over the horn of Africa and are still capable of resisting the harsh African environment without shelter or medicine. There are 7 different types of Zebu cows and their horns vary in shape, consistency and color. Most of them are beautifully multicolored with the shades ranging from white to amber to black.

    Everything of the horn is used, from the tip to make tridimensional accessories, to the sides for flat shapes. Each horn accessory is unique in its color but all are incredibly strong and durable as they come from adult Zebu cows that have been using them their entire lives.

    Some of the rings are made with double layer of horn glued together so that the crossed fibers can hold loads in all directions.